Astaroth Fetish Club, A company based in Av. Teixeira de Souza – 501/ sl 07, located in Brazil, in the city of Cabo Frio, State of Rio de Janeiro, Zip Code 28908-001, registered with the National Register of Legal Entities of the Ministry of Finance  under nº 35235848/0001-84, hereinafter referred to as “AFC”, sets forth in these Site Terms of Use

Terms of Use the conditions for the use of the Site, especially: (i) the platform for watching live web presentations and access photos, videos, audios and text publications by AFC Contractors who rent the virtual space to present the referred  photos, videos and audios available and also to participate in interactive chats as well as (ii) access the payment tool that will allow the User to acquire credits by credit card, bank slip and other means in order to acquire the services offered by AFC Contractors.

I. General Settings

1.1. The following terms, when used in this Terms of Use, will have the following meaning:

i. “Affiliates” means AFC parent companies, companies under common control of AFC, companies controlled by AFC, and partner companies defined as such by official means;

i. “AFC Hiring Companies” , artists who hire the AFC Services to perform live interactive web presentations on the Site and to publish photos, videos, audios and texts; . “IP Address” is the code assigned to a network terminal to enable User identification, according to international parameters;

i. “Confidential Information” means any information that: (i) is marked as “Confidential” or reasonably considered confidential; including the terms and conditions of this Terms of Use, as well as all information from Contractor and User; and

(ii) the Website´s  mode of operation, AFC’s platform type and any and all information concerning AFC’s business model. However, “Confidential Information”  will not be considered: (i) to be known as public information at the time it is published; (ii) are known to AFC and / or the User prior to the acceptance of these Terms of Use by the User; (iii) are announced to AFC and / or the User through disclosure by sources other than AFC and / or the User, being legal information and are not bound to any confidentiality agreement; or (iv) are independently developed by AFC and / or the User;

ii. “Internet” is the system consisting of a set of logical protocols, structured worldwide for public and unrestricted use, with the purpose of enabling data communication between terminals through different networks;

i. “Site” is the platform located at:, domain owned by AFC Affiliate and through which the User will access the Web Site’s features. The platform may function when accessed by other electronic addresses. The Site definition includes such e-mail addresses..

• 1.2. The interpretation of Terms of Use will not be affected by the interpretation of the clause titles.

• 1.3. Unless otherwise mentioned in the Terms of Use, singular form include the plural form and vice versa; male form include the female form of all words, as well as neutral form and vice versa. 

• 1.4. By using the Site and accepting the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use, the User agrees that AFC may modify these Terms of Use at any time when updating the Site. The update date will appear in the header of these Terms of Use. Changes will come into force on the update date indicated at the top of the page. Changes will not have retroactive effect and AFC will notify User of any changes made to the Terms of Use whenever it proves commercially reasonable. However, you should check the Site frequently to ensure that you are aware of the most current version of the Terms of Use. After the publishing of any changes, accessing of the Site will mean that you have agreed with any changes. If you do not agree with the changes, you should no longer access this Site. If you have questions about these Terms of Use or any questions or comments about the Site, please should us at:


• 2.1. The main Terms of Use purpose is to define the terms and conditions for your use of the Site, enabling you to contract live presentations via  Internet and to access photos, videos, audios and text publications made available by AFC Contractors responsible for renting virtual space in order to provide such presentations, photos, videos, audios, texts and to join The User in interactive chats. 

◦ 2.1.1. Through the Site, AFC Contractors  provide online interactive content, live audio and video streams, and adult material, such as: photos, videos, audios and texts. By accessing the Site, the User may view graphic depictions, nudity, adult language and descriptions of explicit sexual activity, including situations of a sexual nature involving heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals. 

◦ 2.1.2., The User will only pay in case he wishes to buy credits in order to purchase services provided by the Employer. 

• 2.2. The terms and conditions apply to all Site Users, whether a “visitor” or a “registered user”.  You agree to these Terms of Use by accessing any part of the Site. In case you do not agree to the Terms of Use, You shall not use the Site or purchase credits from the Employer. By infringing   any item of the Terms of Use, the User may be prevented by AFC from using the Site and acquiring Contractor’s credits; the access will be blocked and the account canceled. 

• 2.3. AFC is not responsible for any posted content and does not monitor the Site’s flow of information.  The User may be blocked If it is found out or reported that the User has posted anything inappropriate content . If the User includes content belonging to other people and if anyone feels offended (by means of a lawsuit), the User’s access may be blocked.  AFC assumes no responsibility for informations published by the User. You are solely responsible for the content you post. 

• 2.4. AFC does not produce the content of this Site or provide services of the kind directly to the User. DMG leases the platform and virtual space through which Platform Contractors make their content available and provide services to the User. The User is aware and agrees that by purchasing content or services, whether free or paid, they are purchasing content or services directly from the AFC Contractor. 


• 3.1. The Site contains implied and explicit sexual material that is inappropriate for minors. Adults only: (i) over 18 years old; or (ii) those who have attained majority, (wherever they live), may access the Site. If the User does not meet these requirements, the User shall not access the Site and shall leave the Site immediately. 

• 3.2. By accessing the Site, the User irrevocably and irreversibly declares that: 

A. Is 18 years old or over the age of majority wherever he/she lives and has the legal capacity to agree to these Terms of Use; 

B. All information provided when creating the account and accessing the Site is accurate and will be updated if necessary to ensure that it remains accurate. 

C. Has (or is allowed to use) a credit card to make payments and authorize the debiting of credit card amounts according to the subscription chosen; 

D. Is aware of the nature of the content available on the Site and is not offended by such content;

E. Is eligible to access adult-oriented materials;

F. Is voluntarily requiring adult-oriented materials for one’s own entertainment; 

G. Will not share these materials with minors. 

• 3.3. To access the Site, the User must create an account. To create an account, the User must complete the Site application process by giving AFC complete and accurate information as requested on the application form, available at the following address:

The User must also choose a password and a username (login). 

• 3.4. It is the User’s entire responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their password and login, not holding AFC responsible for improper access to the account by third parties. In addition, the User is entirely responsible for all activities that occur in his account. You will promptly notify AFC of any unauthorized use of your account or any other infringement of security noticed by you. 

• 3.5. AFC cannot be held responsible for any loss you suffer as a result of someone else using your password or account, with or without your knowledge, and altering the information contained therein or be held responsible for any financial loss as well as credits already purchased by the User. The User may be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred to AFC due to third parties improper access, since it is the User’s entire responsibility to whom he grants access to private information such as the User’s login and password.

 • 3.6. AFC main concern is the integrity and security of all User’s personal information and confidential data aiming to maintain the privacy and to prevent leakage of User’s information. Despite all investments and efforts made by AFC,  it is impossible to ensure that unauthorized people may be able to circumvent Site security measures or use any personal User information provided to AFC for improper purposes. Your personal information is provided at your own risk and AFC is not responsible for information leaks that current operation security systems is unable to prevent. 


• 4.1. The User is granted by AFC a temporary, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Site strictly in accordance to the Terms of Use. The User pledge him/herself not to reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative material, publicly display, publicly perform, republish, download, store or transmit any material from the Site, being authorized only to watch live presentations and participate in interactive chats.

◦ 4.1.1. The temporary license granted in the preceding Clause does not include authorization for resale or commercial use of the Site, or distribution, public performance or public display of the Site or its contents, or to make any changes or make any uses derived from the Site’s content, or any portion of the Site and its content, unless AFC specifically authorizes such changes or authorizes through a formal agreement, extraction of data, “robots” or similar methods of data collection or extraction.  The license mentioned does not authorize download of any parts of the Site or content other than the ones allowed, or any use of the Site’s content other than that what is proposed above.

4.1.2. The above mentioned temporary license does not allow any kind of transfer of entitlement or authorizes the attainment of copies of content that you view or print. AFC only authorizes the use of one copy of the Site in accordance with the Terms of Use. In case You download or print any copy of the Content for your personal use, You must mention the copyright and include other proprietary information and also mention the source of the Content. Any use of the Site or content, except as authorized by the Terms of Use, will cancel the license granted. Your unauthorized use of the Site or contents may also violate intellectual property laws and other laws. Excepting as mentioned, nothing in the Terms of Use should be rendered as granting any intellectual, property rights, whether by implication, preclusion or otherwise. AFC may revoke this license at any time.

4.2. The Site (old, present and future versions) and all its content, as well as its features and functionality (including all information, software, platform, texts, performances, images, video and audio, (and its design, curator ship and agreements, all the Site’s pages, all material and information on the Site, all graphics, texts, images, audios, videos, webinars, designs, compilations, ad copies, articles, user interfaces, artwork, any computer applications, any copyrighted materials (including source code and object code form) and all other materials, including the design, structure, appearance and layout of the Site’s content, and the trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain, and other trademark distinctive features, regardless of registration, contained on the Site are solely and exclusively property of AFC (or its Affiliates or licensees, depending on the case), and are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, commercial secrets, and other intellectual property laws enacted in Brazil, the United States, and your jurisdiction of residence.

• 4.3. The brand -RLMD – is a AFC Affiliated Firm’s registered trademark and the mixed trademark Astaroth Fetish Club is a trademark of AFC. The trademark and logo must not be copied, imitated or used partly  nor on the whole without the prior written authorization by AFC. Also, all page headers, custom graphics, icons, and scripts are service marks, trademarks, and social names are trademarks of AFC and may not be copied, imitated, or used partly nor on the whole without prior written permission by AFC. The User will not have the right to use these marks and logo without AFC’s prior express written permission. Any other names and logos present on the Site are trademarks and logos registered by their respective owners. Any other trademarks and logos eventually used by AFC are and will be protected by specific registrations and bonds, intellectual property laws enacted in Brazil, the United States, and Your jurisdiction of residence or access location. 

◦ 4.3.1. References to other companies, products or service names and trademarks may refer to other trademarks and to their respective owners and eventual references to them do not imply sponsorship, support or association with AFC, or that the owners endorse or have any affiliation with the Site. Nothing contained on the Site shall be interpreted as ranting license or right to use any marks displayed on the Site or any “hidden agenda” using trademarks belonging to AFC and its licensees without the prior written permission of AFC or outside parties and trademark/ brand keepers.


• 5.1. The Site provides The User will be able to buy credits using a credit card. Purchasing credits will allow the User to interact and acquire paid content directly from AFC Contractor. Once the User has acquired credits, he / she will be able to access live presentations, paid photo galleries, paid videos, exchange private messages, and participate in chat sessions with AFC Contractors, including Simple Chat, Private Chat, Exclusive Chat, Voyeur Chat and also reward AFC Contractors. The User is required to have an account in order to purchase credit. 

◦ 5.1.1. The cost of the credits is determined by the credit package offered by the Site.    It is the User’s entire responsibility to verify the current credit rates before purchasing any service. DMG Contractors provide various services for different rates, all detailed on the Site; Simple Chat, Private Chat, Exclusive Chat or Voyeur Chat sessions, will be charged per minute or the total time the User remains connected.  Paid photos and videos are only charged once. The User will than have indefinite access to the acquired material as long as the Contractor has a valid contract. The User will cease to have access to purchased material as paid photos and paid videos once the Contractor terminates the contract with AFC. Private massages will be charged per sent message;  For bonuses or gifts given to AFC Contractors, The User may give bonuses and gifts to AFC Contractors; values may vary between 1, (one), and the total amount of credits the User has available.

◦ 5.1.2. The User acknowledges that he / she may be charged for up to 40 seconds after logging out or leaving a paid chat session. You must have a minimum of two credits available to chat limit-free  in free chat rooms and also to join a paid chat session. User further acknowledges that in live chat rooms, credit balances can be viewed by AFC Contractors may check the User’s credit balance once the User is logged in. 

◦ 5.1.3. If the Employer terminates the contract with AFC, the User acknowledges he/she may lose all acquired content. The User hereby disclaims AFC’s responsibility to be refund by AFC for the amount paid to the Employer. 

◦ 5.1.4. AFC may impose a credit limit for purchased credits or its use on the Site, and may restrict the means of payment You use to acquire credits in its own sole discretion. 

• 5.2. All purchases made by the User are charged once, that means that AFC will not charge again unless the User makes another purchase. 

• 5.3. Service fees may be adjusted by AFC Contractor at any time in its own sole discretion.

• 5.4. Errors evidenced in the User account will be corrected by AFC, and the corresponding amounts will be added or credited to the User’s account. If the User notices any billing errors, AFC must be immediately informed. If an invoicing error occurs and a transaction is lost, AFC will be granted up to thirty (30) days to locate that transaction and resolve the issue, that includes providing credits to the User’s account, also to refund the transaction.

• 5.5. Accumulated credits will be lost if the User’s account is terminated by AFC due to a violation of the Terms of Use or account is deleted by the User. Should the User receive free credits or promotional credits, AFC may cancel them at any time. 


• 6.1. The User is responsible for all acts performed and oversights occurred accessing the Site. In order to access and to remain logged in, the User must: 

a. Comply with all laws and regulations of any governmental agency that apply to your access to the Site and its content, including laws regarding the internet, data, email, privacy, or submission of technical data exported from Brazil or the User’s country of residence; 

b. Not use the Site for any unlawful act or foreseen in the Terms of Use or that exposes AFC civilly or criminally, including solicitation or promotion of prostitution or pedophilia; 

c. Do not use the Site to infringe another pantie’s intellectual property rights,  to illegally manipulate, obtain, post or access content or otherwise infringe copies of copyrighted content; 

d. Do not use or Site to explore, prejudice or attempt to explore or prejudice minors, exposing them to inappropriate content, or even to ask them for personal information.

e. Do not promote physical harm or injury to any individual or group, or to promote any act of cruelty to animals;

f. Do not use the Site to engage in false or misleading commerce and advertising practices;

g. Do not use or attempt to use someone else’s account;

h. Do not pretend to be someone else, while using the Site, including registering yourself or attempting to register someone else into a account;

i. Do not use any automated means – including robots, spiders, crawlers or data extraction tools – to download, monitor or use data or the Site’s content or otherwise access any content on the Site through any technology or means other than those provided or authorized by the Site;

j. Do not attack the Site through the use of service blocking (Dos) or distributed service blocking (DDoS) viruses;

k. Do not use the Site to send unsolicited messages by creating a mailing list;

l. Do not collect anyone’s personal information, including account owner’s names;

m. Do not infringe actions that impose, or may impose, an unreasonable or disproportionate burden on the Site’s technology infrastructure and / or exaggerated demands; 

n. Do not forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers to disguise the origin of any submitted information; 

o. Do not disable, circumvent or interfere with the security related to Site features, features that prevent or restrict the use or copying of content, or features that impose limits on your use of the Site’s content, including any digital rights management (FDD) functionality or (DRM); 

p. Do not change any proprietary notices or labels – including copyright, patent, service mark, or trademarks;

q. Do not attempt to interfere or compromise the  system’s integrity or security, or to decipher any transmissions to / from the Site’s servers; 

r. Do not post or make available any content containing software viruses or any computer codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy, limit or monitor the functionality of any telecommunications software, hardware or equipment; 

s. Do not send, create or respond to the so called “currents” (ie, email copies of a single message to many users, or send large or multiple files or messages to a single user with malicious intent); do not engage in spamming (ie unsolicited messages sent for commercial or other purposes); nor engage in any other activity that may adversely affect the operation or the Site’s integrity;

t. Do not copy, distribute or disclose any part of the Site in any medium, including automated or non-automated scraping;

u. Do not reproduce, sell, resell, commercially exploit or make the Site or its content available to someone else;

v. Do  not “frame” or “mirror” the Site;

w. Do not practice reverse engineering to any part of the Site.

• 6.2. AFC may change, limit or terminate The User’s access may be changed, limited or terminated by AFC, in case the User fails to comply to the Terms of Use, particularly concerning  the preceding Clause.

Unauthorized use of the Site or its content by the User may also violate various laws, including copyright and trademark laws, privacy and publicity laws, communications regulations, and statutes. AFC will take appropriate action in the event of unauthorized use of the Site or its content, including civil and criminal measures, with or without advance supervision, and terminate  the User’s access or registration.


• 7.1. The Site may contain messages, chat rooms, direct messages, pages or profiles, forums, bulletin boards and other interactive features (meaning, “interactive services”) that allow the User to post, display or transmit messages, photos, videos, audios, or other materials, destined to Site Contractors or to individuals (“Posts by User”: individually and collectively) on and also by using the Site. All User’s contributions must respect the content set forth in this Clause.

• 7.2. Except in the case of information subject to the AFC Privacy Policy, any User’s contribution will be considered non-confidential and will not belong to the User either, so such contribution may be used by AFC, AFC Contractors or other users.

◦ 7.2.1. The User declares that all contributions posted on the Site are protected by proprietary rights and acknowledges that AFC has no control over material posted by other Users, also whether or not the User decides to remove those contributions.

• 7.3. The User is responsible for any contributions submitted or posted, and that You, subsequently AFC is free from any liability. The User is fully responsible for such content, including its lawfulness, reliability, accuracy, and appropriateness.

• 7.4. Notwithstanding the foregoing, by providing any User contribution to the Site, User automatically grants AFC, as well as AFC’s associates, service providers and their licensees and Affiliates, a global license, non-exclusive and  non-transferable license; allowance to use, reproduce, distribute, produce derivative works, to publicly display and also to execute User’s contributions. These postings may be freely used by AFC (and AFC’s successors and affiliates), to be promoted and redistributed, partly or on the whole. AFC may freely use and further exploit its Users contributions for any purpose, without any obligation to pay for them.

• 7.5. The User assures and declares that by posting contents: 

The User has all rights over the contribution and grants the license, AFC and AFC affiliates, service providers and their licensees;

The User must not post any content involving underage children;

The User makes sure to have a written authorization of each identifiable person in the User’s contribution,   mentioning his or her name, also allowing the inclusion and use of the User contribution as detailed on the Site and the Terms of Use;

◦ User’s contribution must be in accordance with the Terms of Use.

• 7.6. The content standards apply to all User contributions and also to all interactive services available on the Site. User Contributions must, in their entirety, comply with federal, state, local, and international laws and regulations. User contributions should under no circumstances:

◦ share or contain links to other websites;

– contain any defamatory, obscene, indecent, abusive, offensive, aggressive, violent, hateful, inflammatory, or otherwise reprehensible material;

◦ describe or portray minors, pedophilia, incest, rape, prostitution;

◦ contain people who have not given their consent to appear in the Users contribution;

Promote any kind of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;

◦ infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property nor anyone’s rights;

◦ violate the rights (including rights of publicity and privacy) of third parties or contain any material that may give arouse any civil or criminal liability under the laws or regulations or otherwise conflict with the Terms of Use and the AFC Privacy Policy;

◦ may imply to mislead someone or other users or the AFC Contractors;

◦ cause unnecessary annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety or be likely to disturb or alarm somebody;

◦ represent someone’s opinion, or misrepresent the Contractor’s identity or affiliation with people or organizations;

◦ involve commercial activities or sales, including contests, sweepstakes and other sales promotions or advertising;

◦ give the false impression that they emerge from or are endorsed by AFC or any individual or entity;

◦ contain technically harmful material, including computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, malware, ransomware, harmful components, corrupted data, or other malicious or harmful software data, or contain a picture of the Site chat screen. and / or contain public comments about the policies of the Site; and also

◦ promote or solicit any illegal activity, or advocate, promote or support any illegal act, including prostitution and human traffik. 

• 7.7. AFC declares that it does not engage in or solicit prostitution in any form or condition, nor will it allow the Site to be used by the User, AFC Contractors or anyone else to facilitate prostitution, and other strictly prohibited activities. AFC Website does not allow any form of solicitation or exchange of personal information between Users and Contractors, including name, home address, email address, physical address, telephone number, online messaging applications (eg Skype, AIM, WhatsApp , Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), plus any financial information (for example, bank or credit card information), or any other personal identifiable information. Not following these instructions may imply the cancellation of the account by AFC and eventually appropriate legal action may be taken. 

• 7.8. It is expressly forbidden to make any payment outside the Site, so the User agrees to refrain from requesting AFC make payments to outside the Site. 

• 7.9. The User agrees to refrain from: (i) requesting personal information from AFC Contractors, such as name, personal or financial information; and to(ii) log in to other accounts than the one belonging to the User.

 7.10. You shall not engage in any of the following activities while using the interactive services or communicating in any way with AFC Contractors or others through the Site:

◦ harass, threaten, embarrass or cause distress or discomfort to another user of the interactive services, including the AFC Contractor, another user or anyone else;

◦ transmit, through interactive services, any information, data, text, files, links, software, communication or other materials considered illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, libelous, vulgar, obscene, hateful – racially or otherwise, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

To use disturbing means to accelerate the chat’s rhythm, including over-posting the same massage, clicking on “Enter” in order to move the chat screen downwards or otherwise disturb the chat environment;

◦To record or distribute videos or any other content;

◦ To post anyone’s private or personal information, including an AFC Contractor or other users;

◦ request personal information or share personal information with any AFC Contractor or any other user, including financial statement, email address, telephone number or address;

◦ To pretend to be someone else, including an AFC Contractor or other user;

◦ ask for money, or cheat on AFC Contractors or other Site Users;

◦ engage in any activity that may be considered obscene in your community or obscene around the world;

◦ discuss illegal activity or post links from other websites that deal with such activities;

◦ facilitate or promote prostitution or sexual traffik;

◦ discuss pedophilia, child exploitation, rape or incest;

◦ interrupt a chat’s normal flow at one of the interactive services or act in a manner that negatively affects other Users;

◦ violate any state, national or international law, including any statutory regulations, while using or accessing interactive services; 

◦ post or transmit any solicited or unsolicited advertising, promotional materials or other forms of interactive services, including the solicitation of AFC Contractors for business ventures; 

– Share links; 

◦ engage in antisocial, disruptive or destructive behavior, including bombing, flaming, spamming, flooding, trolling and griefing, terms commonly known and used on the Internet; or 

◦ use interactive services to organize face-to-face meetings with a AFC Contractor or another user, including the exchange of money or requirements for sex or company. AFC peremptorily prohibits any form of interaction between AFC Contractors or other users (offline). 

• 7.11. User hereby agrees and understands that AFC Contractors may block users at any time and for any reason they consider necessary, on live chat rooms and also profile page. AFC Contractors may also block an entire City, State or Country, so that a user’s IP Address  will be automatically blocked once within a certain City, State or Country. This functionality belongs to the AFC Contractor, so AFC has no control over who, which City, State or Country, AFC Contractors uses this feature. 


• 8.1. User hereby agrees that AFC may: 

Remove or refuse to post any contribution made by the User for any reason or no reason, at AFC’s sole discretion; take any action with respect to any User contribution that AFC finds necessary or appropriate, at AFC’s sole discretion, whenever a User contributions contravenes the Terms of Use, any intellectual property rights of any person ( including entities), threatens the personal safety of other users or the public in general or may bring liability to AFC; 

a. disclose the identity or other information about the User, by court order, when the User breaches third party rights, including intellectual property rights and the right to privacy; take appropriate legal action, also contacting the police, for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Site; 

b.terminate or suspend Your access to all or part of the Site for any reason, in any form of violation of the Terms of Use or suspicious activity that may be contrary to the Terms of Use. AFC may block or suspend the User’s account or credits to prevent suspicious activity, including a possible fraud. 

AFC may request additional information, such as a copy of the User’s photo ID and a photocopy of the credit card information (To verify ownership the User may hide credit card numbers, only showing the first 4 (four) and last 4 (four) digits); 

c. in case the user participates in promotions and gets to win the Site may post the username (login, nickname, but not the user’s full name and surname), on social networks or on the site itself.

• 8.2. AFC will fully cooperate with any law enforcement or court orders whenever authorities request or direct AFC to disclose the identity or other information concerning any posting of any content on the Site. In this case, You waive any rights or claims against AFC – including AFC affiliates, licensees, and service providers – stepping out of any action taken by AFC or resulting of investigations and / or any actions taken following investigations by AFC or other constituted authorities. 

• 8.3. AFC does not endorse comments on any User posts. AFC will not review all material before it is posted on the Site and cannot guarantee the prompt removal of objectionable material after it has been posted. AFC is not responsible for any action or inaction on transmissions, communications or content provided by any User or any third party. AFC is not responsible for anyone’s performance or breaching of the activities described in Clause Seven. In case the User notices any posts containing violation of the Terms of Use, please contact AFC at the following email address:

The User must then provide as much detail as possible about it, including a copy of the objectionable content or its exact location, and describing the reason why AFC should remove it, and a statement which attests the accuracy of the information provided. 


• 9.1. The Site may contain links to third party websites, systems or applications. AFC is not responsible for: (1) the availability or accuracy of such sites, systems or applications; or (2) content, products, or services available on them.  AFC does not endorse the existence of such links to third party websites, systems or applications. It is the User’s entire responsibility and own risk to use any of third parties sites, systems and applications, and it will not be considered AFC’s fault if any damages may occur  due to the use of such third party sites, systems or applications. 


• 10.1. Through the Site, the User will be able to access or use content provided by third parties. AFC does not guarantee that third party content is safe for the User. AFC will in no case be responsible for the User’s access to or use of any third party content. 


• 11.1. AFC’s Privacy Policy specifies how the User’s information is collected, used, and shared by


 The User agrees that  AFC may retain indefinitely the information that User submitted, including personal identification, whenever such information is required by law or court order. 

• 11.2.  According to AFC’s Privacy Policy, The User agrees that by using the Site, he /she consents to the collection, use, and sharing of information, including the transfer of information to the United States of America and / or to other countries in order to be stored, processed and used by AFC


• 12.1. AFC respects the intellectual property rights of all third parties and requires Users to do the same. AFC will respond to copyright infringement notices that are legally and correctly reported and proven. If you believe your content has been copied in a manner that constitutes copyright infringement, you must inform AFC and justify the infringement.

• 12.2. According to AFC’s policy, to disable or cancel offenders or recidivists accounts. 


• 13.1. You may at any time send a notice to AFC stating that you no longer agree to these Terms of Use, and you no longer wish to access the Site. In this case, AFC will block Your access.

• 13.2. The User’s access may be suspended, disabled, suspended or terminated at any time,  (or any part thereof) if AFC understands that the User has violated the Terms of Use or that his or her conduct may impair AFC’s reputation. If AFC blocks the access for any of the reasons above, the User will no longer access the Site. If necessary, AFC may block your email address and IP address in order to prevent your access. 

• 13.3. AFC’s termination of the User’s right to access the Site will automatically terminate all licenses granted to the User by the Terms of Use. Even after the termination it will continue to valid for all legal purposes and effects. 


• 14.1. The Site contains content provided by third parties, including content provided by AFC Contractors, other users, third party licensees and/or agents. All statements or opinions expressed in these materials and all answers to questions and other content, except content provided by AFC, do not represent AFC’s opinion and are the responsibility of the respective owners, and AFC is not responsible for this material or any probable offense contained. These materials do not reflect AFC’s opinion, and therefore AFC will not be responsible by the User or anyone else for the content or accuracy of any materials provided by third parties. 


• 15.1. AFC reserves the right to modify or discontinue this Site, with or without noticing You, that includes the right to change any functionality of the Site or to remove any area or feature of the Site. 

• 15.2. AFC periodically updates content on the Site, however, AFC does not guarantee that the content of the Site is complete or updated. Sometimes it may happen that material is outdated, but AFC has no fixed deadline or even the obligation to do so. If the User encounters errors or omissions on the Site, let AFC know by sending a message to:

• 15.3. AFC does not assure, deliberately or implied,  the reliability, quality, adequacy, availability or accuracy of the Site. Also, AFC cannot guarantee that: 

i. Your browsing may be uninterrupted,  (whether as a result of technical failure, acts or omissions of third parties) or the Site may operate in combination with some other hardware, software or system; 

ii. Site flaw’s will be corrected; 

iii. the Site or any services or items obtained through the Site will meet your needs or expectations; and

iv. The servers that make the Site available will be free of viruses or other harmful components.


• 16.1. AFC is based in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. AFC does not certificate as to whether the Site or any of its content is accessible or appropriate outside of Brazil, where AFC’s servers are located. The access by certain Persons or Users in certain countries may not comply with local law. If You access the Site from outside of Brazil, You must do so on your own initiative and You are responsible for attending all local laws of the country from where you access the Site. 


• 17.1. By accessing the Site, you acknowledge that AFC does not represent the files nor the content presented for download from the Internet or the Site are free of viruses or other destructive codes. The User is responsible for implementing sufficient procedures, such as antivirus protection and accuracy of input and output data at checkpoints to meet their particular needs and to keep a medium outside the AFC Site for the recovery of any data. AFC is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by a distributed block attack service, viruses or other technologically harmful material that could infect your computer, computer programs, data or other material owned by you while browsing Site, any services or items obtained through the Site or the download of any material posted on the Site, or any links connected to the Site. 

• 17.2. Your use of the Site, its content and any services or items obtained through the Site are your  own responsibility. AFC provides the Site, its content and services or items obtained through the Site “in current conditions” “with eventual flaws” and “as available.” AFC does not guarantee the completeness, safety, reliability, quality, accuracy or availability of the Site. 

• 17.3. AFC does not make liabilities, either expressed, implied, statutory or otherwise, including liabilities of merchantability, title, non-infringement, privacy and fitness for any particular purpose. 


• 18.1. AFC will not be considered responsible for:

A. errors, mistakes or inaccuracy in the content;

B. personal injury or damage resulting from User’s access to the Site and use of the Site;

C. Content (including content generated by the User or other users) or conduct that is infringing, obscene, indecent, offensive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, libidinous, abusive, invasive of privacy or illegal;

D. Unauthorized access to AFC’s servers and any personal or financial information stored, including unauthorized access or changes to your account, contributions, transmissions or data;

E. Interruption or cessation of transmission to and from the Site;

F. Bugs, viruses, trojan horses, malicious applications, ransomware or other disabling code that may be transmitted to / through the Site by anyone or that may infect Your computer or affect your access to or use of the Site, your other services, hardware or software;

G. Incompatibility between the Site and its other services, hardware or software;

H. Delays or failures that may occur when initiating, conducting or completing any transmissions / transactions on the Site;

I. Loss or damage incurred by the User through the use of any posted content, emailed, sent, or otherwise made available through the Site;

J. Business disagreements, offenses and frustrations resulted by services improperly rendered by the AFC Contractor to the User; or any commercial disagreements and / or failed negotiations between the User and the AFC Contractor in case the User decides to give any gift to the Contractor without the latter providing the User with the agreed service. 

• 18.2. User disclaims AFC from any liability arising from contributions from other users or from the conduct of other users or interested parties.


• 19.1. Unless caused by AFC’s negligence or willful misconduct, AFC will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, damages (including so-called lost profits and forfeiture of a chance) – regardless of the liability’s justification – arising out of access or Your failure to access the Site or its content. 

• 19.2. AFC will also not be liable: (i) for injuries; (ii) pain and suffering; (iii) anguish and emotional stress; (iv) loss of revenue; (v) loss of profits; (vi) loss of business or anticipated savings; (vii) loss of use; (viii) loss of trade value; (ix) data loss; (x) loss of privacy; or (xi) computer failure related to your access to or inability to access the Site or the content. This fault exclusion will be valid even if you  report the possibility of such damage or become aware of the possibility of such damage. 

• 19.3. If you are dissatisfied with the Site or have any other complaints, you can always stop to use the Site. In any event and without prejudice to the foregoing, AFC’s maximum liability for any User claim shall not exceed $ 25 (twenty five dollars)


• 20.1. User agrees to indemnify and hold AFC and / or its representatives and employees exempt from all losses, liabilities, damages and expenses resulting; 

• and / or arising from: (a) breach of obligations of the Terms of Use; and (b) any indemnity to third parties that AFC is required to make as a result of User’s actions if such actions cause loss, liability, damage or expense to AFC. 

• 20.2. In case of a liability event that affects or may affect  AFC (“Indemnified Party”), the User (“Indemnifying Party”) shall: (a) take action to maintain the Indemnified Party, its legal representatives and directors exempt from (b) promptly provide payment or provide a sufficient security or deposit to the competent administrative or judicial authority, so that the Indemnified Party, its legal representatives and directors, suffer in no way any restrictions on ownership or registration, or are restricted or restricted in their right to enter into contracts with third parties. 

• 20.3. In the event of a liability event against the Indemnified Party and / or its legal representatives and directors, the Indemnifying Party will still be responsible for all expenses that the Indemnified Party, its legal representatives and directors may incur in 

the protection of its interests. The Indemnified Party has the right to deduct such expenses from the Indemnifying Party. 

• 20.4. If the Indemnified Party is individually brought to court for any reason caused by the Indemnifying Party or related to the Indemnifying Party’s activities, the Indemnifying Party agrees to spontaneously assume total responsibility as a defendant, in any case involving a pledge, to provide information and assistance to the Indemnified Party, assisting in determining the facts concerning the claim. 

• 20.5. The Indemnified Party, its legal representatives and directors shall have the right to act against the Indemnifying Party for some and all amounts it disburses for events under the Indemnifying Party’s responsibility. 

• 20.6. The Indemnifying Party shall be liable under the law to the Indemnified Party and third parties for the acts of its representatives, employees, directors and agents, even if they are not or are not directly related to the services provided under these Terms of Use.     

• 20.7. If the Indemnifying Party fails to comply with its obligations under this Clause and, without prejudice to other sanctions, the Indemnified Party may use the values ​​of the Indemnifying Party to agree or terminate existing legal proceedings or disputes. 

• 20.8. AFC or the User will not be liable to each other for indirect, incidental, special, legal, exemplary or punitive damages arising out of or in connection with this Terms of Use, including loss of revenue or anticipated profits or loss of business.


• 21.1. The Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Brazil. 

• 21.2. All disputes and conflicts arising directly or indirectly from the Terms of Use that are not resolved by mutual agreement between User and AFC will be submitted to the respective jurisdiction of the courts of Cabo Frio City, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, which shall direct them to an exclusive jurisdiction.


• 22.1. The Terms of Use contains the final version of the User’s terms and conditions of use of the Site and supersede all previous terms of use. Neither User nor AFC may use any clause or earlier versions of the Terms of Use intending to interpreting it.

• 22.2. These Terms of Use may be changed unilaterally by AFC at any time, and the User must be notified electronically through the Site, and may cause the unilateral termination of the Terms of Use by the User.

• 22.3. Each part/section of the Terms of Use shall be considered valid in accordance to law. If, for any reason, a court finds that any part/section of the Terms of Use, or only part of it, is invalid or unworkable, that a clause should be reviewed, that clause should be taken to the fullest extent permitted by law, in order to validate AFC’s and User´s Terms of Use, so the remainder of the Terms of Use will continue to work in full force and effect. AFC and the User further agree that in the event that such invalid or unenforceable provision is an essential part of these Terms of Use, AFC will replace the discussed provision.

• 22.4. AFC’s tolerance to enforce any of its rights under the Terms of Use, including the right to terminate it in the event of a breach or fault of payment by the User, shall not be deemed a waiver by AFC of its right to enforce each and every provision contained in the Terms of Use.

• 22.5. Both AFC and the User will assume full and exclusive responsibility for compliance with corporate law and, without limitation, intellectual property, employees, the criminal sphere, social security and civil liability of each party. 

• 22.6. Any notice or communication required or permitted by any provision of these Terms of Use shall be in writing and shall be considered delivered and received for all purposes. 

Please contact AFC:  unless a specific email address is mentioned on the Site. Everytime AFC may change its contact information, it will be informed on the Site. Please check the Site for the current email address. b. To the User: The User agrees to receive any notice from AFC via electronic mail: (i) by email, to the email address listed in the User’s account; or (ii) by posting a notice to a respective location on the Site.

You may change your contact information one or more times by updating the contact information on your account settings.

• 22.7. AFC may subcontract any of the services mentioned in Terms of Use without previous notice or approval from the User.

• 22.8. AFC may assign to third parties the rights originated under the Terms of Use without the prior consent of the User. The User may not, under any circumstances, yield his/her rights to the Terms of Use.

• 22.9. No link, whether employment or liability, will be set between the User and AFC or its employees, agents, directors or third parties that provide services using the Terms of Use.

Each Party is individually responsible for its obligations, burdens or taxes due by any law or legislation, related to labor and social security liabilities, or any other area of law.

• 22.10. No association, partnership, joint venture or employment relationship will be established between AFC and the User through the Terms of Use. In fulfilling their respective obligations, AFC and the User are, and will be, independent. Neither AFC nor the User is bound or will attempt to be bound by the other party by contract or under any obligation, nor will it guarantee to any third party that it will have any right to enter into a binding obligation on behalf of the other party.

• 22.11. AFC and its Affiliates and their respective licensees shall not be liable for errors, interruptions or delays, whenever such failures, interruptions or delays are due to a random event, as provided in art. 393 of the Brazilian Civil Code, including, but not limited to, governmental acts, limitations imposed by the government, interruption in the provision of services, such as electricity supply, telecommunications services, internet networks, disasters, strikes, public order disturbances, and other events. of the same nature. 

• 22.12. You hereby grant AFC and any of its Affiliates permission to send email notices, advertisements, and other communications, including emails, advertisements, notices, and other communications that contain adult-oriented material that is inappropriate for minors. The authorization will be valid until the User requests AFC to remove him / her from the mailing list. The Site has a feature within the User Account Settings where the User may unsubscribe from mailing list. For more information, please also see the AFC Privacy Policy.

 • 22.13. AFC has no way to assure the posting or receiving of confidential electronic communications or emails. The User should know that all messages and emails sent to AFC or that on the other hand, AFC sends to the User may be publicly accessible. The User must not use the Site to send or receive messages that the User wishes to keep private. Other Site operators may read all messages, regardless of the intended recipient. 

• 22.14. The rights and obligations set forth in these Terms of Use bind You and AFC and their respective successors irrevocably and irreversibly.     

22.15. These Terms of Use were written in Portuguese / English•

  • 22.16. The User will ratify these Terms of Use by electronic means instead of a printed paper signature. User and AFC consider electronic signatures as original signatures. 
  • 22.17. The User acknowledges that consent is given electronically by clicking on an “Agree”, “Agree” icon or other similarly typed “button” or input field, or by using a mouse, keyboard or another computer device which is the equivalent to Your handwritten signature and irrevocably and irreversibly binds you to the terms of the Terms of Use.
  • 22.18. AFC encourages the User to provide feedback about AFC itself and the Site. However, AFC will not treat as Confidential Information any suggestion or idea brought by the User, no part in the Terms of Use will refrain AFC’s from the right to use, profit, disclose, post or otherwise exploit any feedback, without paying the User.

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